Re-Assessment of Technology Acceptance Model (TAM) model on Web-Title


梅發廣a 方國定b



Fa-Kuang Meia Kwoting Fangb

National Historical of Museuma  National Yunlin University of Science & Technologyb

Frank@moe.nmh.gov.twa  fangkt@mis4k.mis.yuntech.edu.twb




教育部為有效推動社會教育資訊化及終身學習等教育政策,於87年起由教育部附屬社教機構,針對館藏資源開發製作網路化之學習光碟教材,執行至今已製作完成二十三套Web-Title系統。惟網路技術的快速進步,已經大大的影響到電腦教學設計的理念。有鑑於此,本研究導入科技接受模型(Technology Acceptance Model, TAM)並加以修正,加入外在探討因素包括學校資訊環境及主觀規範,試圖瞭解國中小教師採用Web-Title之外在因素,期能協助網路多媒體教材製作單位及各學校,達成應用Web-Title多媒體教材進行教學的目標。







The rapid development of Internet-related technologies has already had a major impact on IT education. Given the current pace of change, the impact on traditional Computer-Assisted Instruction (CAI) is bound to be very significant.  In order to ensure the effective promotion of the integration of information technology and social education, and of lifelong learning, since 1998 social education agencies under the Ministry of Education have been using museum resources to produce CD-ROMs for on-line learning.  So far, a total of 23 web-titles have been completed.  However, the rapid pace of change in Internet-related technologies has had a significant impact on CAI design philosophy.

With the above mentioned, this study attempts to gain an understanding of the environmental factors (both internal and external) affecting the use of web-titles by primary school teachers, making use of the Technology Acceptance Model (TAM).  375 usable respondents were collected.  The Structured Equation Model (SEM) was adopted to establish an acceptance model with respect to primary school teachers’ acceptance of on-line education.  The results of the study revealed that the fit between the acceptance model and the observed data fell within the acceptable range.  Moreover, there was a significant positive correlation between ease of use and usefulness, negative correlation between subjective disapproval with teachers’ openness to using web-titles.


KeywordWeb-TitleInformation educationTAMsubject norm