The Relationship between Machiavellianism and Ethical Computer Self-Efficacy


Chung-Chu Liu

Department of Business Administration, Ming Chuan University,assistant professor



Ethical dilemmas related to computer technology and computer use abound in the work place. Actions which are viewed by some as clearly improper and indeed some actions which are actually illegal are practiced knowingly and unknowingly by computer technology users. The opportunity for unethical computer use and the absence of a structured framework to guide behavior compounds this serious problem. Machiavellian orientation has been seen as one of the most important variable in the study of management and organizational behavior in the last three decades. One of the key reason is that Machiavellian orientation is highly correlated with ethical orientation, which have an important effect on employees’ unethical behavior. Situational factors have been identified as potentially the important sets of Machiavellian orientation. But measurement of relationship between Machiavellian and ethical computer self-efficacy in our country seem to be lack. The purpose of research is to develop Machiavellian orientation in relation to ethical computer self-efficacy. A total of 331 usable questionnaires were returned from employees and university students. However, we found almost dimensions of factors negative but not significantly correlated. This research then made some conclusive suggestions according to findings to business and scholars.


Keyword: Machiavellianism, Computer Ethics, Ethical Computer Self-Efficacy