A Testing Framework Based on Finite Automata for Object-Oriented Software Specification


Ming-Chi Lee

Department of Information Technology

National PingTung Institute of Commerce

Ming-Sheng E. Road, Pingtung Taiwan, R.O.C.

E-mail: lmc@npic.edu.tw



For the past decade, with the growing popularity of World Wide Web, object-oriented programming, such as  Java and Visual .Net, have been widely applied to develop large software system on Internet. Moreover, object-oriented (OO) software techniques have gradually replaced procedure-oriented programming as the mainstream in software industry. However, the software errors still increases in proportion to the software system complexity. Although, there have been lots of researches on the object-oriented software testing (OOT) proposed to test OO software errors, most of them  focused on the single class testing instead of high level testing for OO specification. This paper provides a testing framework based on finite automata to test the inconsistency and incompleteness of OO specification. This approach differs from formal proofs and model checking in that it performs the testing directly on an executable finite automata without manually deriving the formal proofs or generating a great deal of state spaces.   


Keywords: Object-Oriented Program, software testing, software complexity