The Application of Security Mechanisms Based on Wireless Infrared Data Communications with IrDA


Sheng-Cheng Yeh*, a

a Department of Computer and Communication Engineering, Ming Chuan University

*No.5, The-Ming Rd, Gwei-Shan, Taoyuan Country 333, Taiwan, R.O.C.



Horng-Jyh Lin b, Wan-Shin Shie b, and Wen-Chang Lee b

b Department of Electronic Engineering, Vanung University



The transmission technology used in Infrared data communications is the same as that found in familiar consumer electronic devices used for remote control of TV sets, VCRs, and other entertainment products, as well as in wireless keyboards and wireless printer connections for laptop computers. In this paper, the IrDA (Infrared Data Association) communication interface on PDA (Personal Digital Assistant) device or mobile phone is used to develop a doorkeeper system, which provides the wireless communication security mechanism such as password transmission, verification and query/response between clients and servers. Crypto graphic algorithms are just one piece of picture when it comes to providing security in a doorkeeper system. The next thing we need is a set of mechanisms and protocols for solving various problems. However, the corresponding encryption technique and validation mechanism are presented based on IrDA interface of PDA in the paper. The sign-in, sign-out data and the photo picture are recorded, extracted and compiled, for query and tracking purpose in the doorkeeper system, as indicated in our experimental results.


Keywords: IrDA, PDA, Security mechanism, Doorkeeper system