Application of ARIS to Harbor Security Check Information System Development











漁港安全檢查作業主要以人工流程為主,由於目前大部份執檢人員來源是役期較短的義務役人員,再加上安檢政策受上級長官個人觀點、政經情勢及民意高漲的影響,因而造成安檢流程無法標準化、執勤效率不佳的問題。所以建置一套具標準化安檢流程的電腦輔助資訊系統來提昇安檢工作效能,同時達成「便民與執檢績效」兩大目標,便成為我海岸巡防機關之重要課題。然而建置此一資訊系統所遭遇到最大的困難是如何有效地分析安檢流程,並從中發掘安檢流程的問題與瓶頸,以做為資訊系統改善的依據。基於此,本文應用一種新的方法論- ARIS (Architecture of Integrated Information System)來做為資訊系統開發前的各項標準化流程分析工具,然後利用Visual Basic建構一漁港安檢雛型系統以驗證所提方法論的可行性。實務證明本研究所導入的ARIS方法論大大的提昇了漁港安檢勤務資訊系統的建置效率。






Harbor security check is now primarily controlling passing and entry operation by manpower. The failure to standardize the security check operation is resulted partially from the short-term compulsory military service manpower, from fluctuation effected by political, economic situation, and upsurge of public opinion, and sometimes from erroneous directions coming from superiors’ points of view. Under such circumstances, developing a harbor security check information system to effectively strengthen the security check efficacy and maintain enforcement performance of security check along with people’s greater convenience become the essential lessons of the ROC Coast Patrol Department. Unfortunately, the major obstacles of developing such an information system are how to capture complex security check process logics, re-engineer and model the processes. In this paper we proposed a powerful business process re-engineering methodology - ARIS (Architecture of Integrated Information System) to support re-engineering current harbor security check processes. Then, we follow the new process and use Visual Basic to construct a harbor security check information system prototype. The experimental system shown that the ARIS-approach not only provides a generic and well-documented methodological framework but also a powerful business process modeling tool.