Face Authentication System for Information Security


Ching-Han CHEN,Chia-Te CHU

Institute of Electrical Engineering,I-Shou University,1, Section 1, Hsueh-Cheng Rd.Ta-Hsu Hsiang Kaohsiung County, Taiwan, 840, R.O.C.

E-mail: pierre@isu.edu.tw, cld123@giga.net.tw



This paper proposes the combination two facial feature methods and probabilistic neural network for facial recognition. Firstly, we use horizontal projection of 2-D image to obtain accumulated energy profile signal. Secondly, we obtain the statistical distribution of facial gray images. Finally, we adopt wavelet transform to extract low frequency coefficients from 1-D energy profile signal and statistical distribution of facial gray images as feature vectors, which is applied with probabilistic neural network in facial identification and facial matching. Thus, the proposed method is evaluated on the ORL face database for face recognition. Besides, the face authentication system is also built on PC, and it is evaluated on real data set by the proposed algorithm. The experiment results show that the proposed method possesses the excellent performance. Because of low complexity, it is also suitable for a hardware-friendly and resource-constrained embedded environment.

Keywords: Face recognition; wavelet transform; probabilistic neural network;