The impact of teacher’s powers to knowledge sharing behavior and learning satisfaction in distance-learning environment


Li-Fen Liao

Ching Yun University, Department of Information Management

No.229, Chien-Hsin Rd., Jung-Li, Taoyuan, Taiwan, R.O.C.



Teacher’s powers are one of the major factors influencing the cohesiveness of a virtual learning group. Many prior studies have examined the interactions of distance education, but few have discussed the behavior of knowledge sharing. This study examines the influence of teacher’s powers to students’ knowledge-sharing behavior.

Data from 103 distance-learning students were used to investigate the relationship of knowledge-sharing behavior. The results indicated that student’s learning satisfaction has direct relationship with knowledge-sharing behavior. However, interactions do not show significant relationship with learning satisfaction. Teacher’s reward power had direct impact on interaction and knowledge sharing behavior, while other powers did not show strong impact on learner’s knowledge sharing behavior.


Keyword: reward, punishment, legitimate, knowledge sharing, interaction