Clarifying the difficulties and management of blogging


Hae-Ching Chang

Associate Professor, Department of Business Administration

National Cheng Kung University, Tainan, Taiwan


Kao-chi, Yeh

Lecturer, Department of Management Information System,

Meiho Institute of Technology, Ping-Tung , Taiwan



Blogging has become a highly popular means of expression on the Internet. Some surveys indicate that growth of blogs has slowed, but such studies have not explained this phenomenon. Thus this study investigates the difficulties encountered by different blog types, as well as management suggestions. This study conducted an in-depth interview with Taiwanese winners of the 2nd Global Chinese Blog Awards to develop a questionnaire, and identified at least 11 negative influences on blogger motivation. The questionnaire was based on the blog type theory of Krishnamurthy [25]. Analysis of the questionnaire results reveals that the main difficulties for each blog type were as follows: (1). Online diary: comment spam and plagiarism; (2). Support group: pressure of theme definition, time management problems, and worries about low visitor count; (3). Enhanced column: unstable system and pressure to write continuously. Inability to effectively solve these difficulties would reduce blogger interest in blogging, limiting growth of new and existing blogs. Finally, this study also proposes management suggestions to these difficulties for each blog type.


Keywords: Blog managementdifficulties