SWOT Matrix Enhancement for Online Protection of Personal Information


Da-Yu Kao

Department of Information Management, Central Police University, Taiwan

No. 56, Shujen Rd., Takang Village, Kueishan Hsiang, Taoyuan County, 33304, Taiwan




Rapid improvements in computing technologies have increased concerns about information privacy. Protecting online information for many organizations may be an impossible task. SWOT is as an acronym for strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. Reviewing SWOT analyses and its matrix strategies gives a broad overview of the legal and practical issues. The proposed privacy enhancement based on SWOT analysis and its matrix development improves online information privacy. The following strategies are applied to solving personal information processing problems: (1) plan new projects; (2) deploy team leadership; (3) follow suitable procedures; and (4) apply new technologies. Recommendations for privacy and security good practices for information managers are provided. We have applied these strategies to Taiwan government agencies many times, and it has been endured real testifying.


Keywords: SWOT analysis, SWOT Matrix, Information Security, Personal Information Protection