The Impacts of Social Media Adoption and SRM Relational Information Processes on Supply Chain Agility


Shu-Mei Tseng

Department of Hospitality Management, I-Shou University



Social media platform opens new ways for communication effectiveness. Moreover, how a firm to manage their relationship with suppliers and facilitate agility to improve resource utilization is an important issue. As a result, in order to improve supply chain agility, this study explores the impacts of social media adoption on supply chain agility by considering supplier relationship management (SRM) relational information processes. The results reveal that social media adoption at work facilitates SRM relational information processes and thus improves supply chain agility. Specifically, the result shows that SRM relational information processes play a fully mediating roles in the relationship between social media adoption and supply chain agility. The implications and recommendations for further research are discussed.


Keywords: Social Media Adoption, Supplier Relationship Management, Relational Information process, Supply chain agility